About Me

iffles - Jennifer A Jacobs - Akron area photographerHello! My name is Jennifer Jacobs and I have been taking photos seriously since 2008. In 2011, I started taking photos professionally. I love to turn your life into a story with pictures. Yes, I know that sounds cheesy and all “a picture is worth a thousand words”ish, but a good photo can make you feel good about yourself, turn you into a proud parent, fall in love all over again, or just give you something you’re proud to display on your webpage or hang on your wall.

Why “iffles”?

About 6 years ago, my boyfriend looked at me and said “I’m going to call you iffles now” and it stuck. It’s become more than a nickname to me, it’s who I am: a bit odd. Which, I think, makes me a better photographer, because I’m not afraid to lay on the ground, climb on top of things, or take a photo of you with a fake mustache…

What Kind of Gear do You Shoot With?

I’m a Canon girl. My primary camera is a 5DMarkII. I shoot with all L lenses. I have a backup camera, backup memory cards, and a backup battery. If you don’t know what all I’m talking about, it’s fine. The short of it is, I have professional equipment, and enough backups to ensure I’ll leave your shoot with all the photos you need.